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Are you looking for cost-effective recycling services to help your business reduce both waste and cost? If so, Waste Management Bournemouth is here for you. Call our team today for a free, no-obligation quotation.

Recycling Waste

Waste Management Bournemouth supply businesses with bespoke recycling waste alternatives that reduce prices, increase recycling and efficiencies whilst being environmentally favorable.

As an independent company we supply solutions that are bespoke to the customer and not the other way around.

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We work with local authorities plus a broad selection of business sectors to develop waste management strategies which will increase recycling and reduce waste sent to landfill. In April 2013 the regular rate for Landfill Tax will rise to 72 per tonne, climbing again in April 2014 to 80 per tonne.

Landfilling waste isn’t any longer economically sustainable for your business but we can enable you to divert waste away from landfill, helping your business on the journey to zero waste.
Our sister company Tracey Timber Recycling recycle around 50,000 tonnes of wood per annum. Their services include recycling of wood waste, pallets and also the production of recycled lumber products including animal bedding and stadium surfacing.

Recycling Balers

Recycling Balers

Choice Mill-Size Baler
HZ500 Semi-Automatic Mill Size Baler
Midi Baler
Mini Baler
Super 125 Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler
Superb 75E 003
Super 75 Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler
Super-90-Fully Automatic-Horizontal-Baler
Super 90 Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler
Twin Ram Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler
Twin Ram Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler
Supreme Mill Size Baler

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