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Food waste Management Bournemouth

Our goal at Waste Fareham is to reduce food waste as much as possible, while not being completely oblivious to the fact that it can not entirely be avoided. In our experience, we have found that reducing the quantity of trash is not as hard as we might think; however, the whole process is dependent on who you are using as your waste company and how competent they are. With Bournemouth Waste, competency will be the least of your problems. 

Our trained staff is fully equipped to manage your food waste in the best possible way that best suits your business. We are aware that a one size fits all approach is not ideal as each business is unique in its operations as well as the waste or the quantity of waste it produces. We’ll also provide you with free bins and deliver them to you free of charge. Additionally, we will perform a waste audit to further provide you with tools to better your food waste management. 

What is Food Waste?

Unwanted food being discarded or left to spoil at the consumer level – regardless of how it came to be is known as food waste. Did you know that about 10.2 billion pounds of food is wasted each year in the UK? Food is essential to humanity’s survival. In spite of this, food is discarded all over the globe for a variety of reasons and in a lot of different situations. As food becomes more abundant and customers more fussy, affluent, and wasteful, developed countries see the highest share of food waste at the end of the value chain. 

Overstocking, incorrect storage, inefficient menus, and serving too much food to consumers can all contribute to food waste. All of them require your undivided attention so that you can devise strategies to prevent them from occurring. Or, if they do occur, find a way to repurpose the food so that it does not go to waste. Not only will you be saving the world from pollution, but you will also be saving a lot of money for your company.

Food Waste Management Strategies Bournemouth

Businesses can implement a variety of practices to prevent food waste. Food waste management entails the best practices in which we avoid throwing away food in landfills that are no longer edible and finding environmentally friendly ways to get rid of food waste such as food waste reduction, recycling or donating the food. Just because something is no longer useful to you does not imply it should be discarded. There are many more eco-friendly alternatives, such as:

Food waste Reduction Bournemouth

Donate food that is past its best buy date but still edible or fruits and vegetables that are still edible but bruised and not chosen by consumers to help reduce the hunger experienced by some citizens. Depending on the size of the surplus, it could be as simple as dropping it off at a local small shelter or calling a larger company or orphanages. Conducting a waste audit also helps you have an idea of where your food waste is coming from the most and how to reduce it.

Food waste Recycling Bournemouth

Food recycling is becoming more and more significant in terms of environmental protection. Separating general waste and food waste reduces landfill disposal and is something that we prioritise here at Bournemouth waste.

The process of breaking down food waste to produce biogas or fertilisers is known as anaerobic digestion. To do this, all food waste will be moved to an anaerobic digester, which is a sealed, oxygen-free tank. As a result of being in a container with no oxygen, the process of producing biogas and bio fertiliser proceeds naturally. Biogas is produced during the process and can be utilised to power sustainable energy sources, while a nutrient-rich bio fertiliser is left over at the end of the process and can be applied to farms instead of fossil-fuel-derived fertiliser.

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