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Clinical Waste Bournemouth

If you are a business, company or private organisation in the Bournemouth area or nearby and you deal with clinical waste, then we could save you time and money.

Clinical waste is produced not only by medical practices and dental surgeries, but also by nursing homes, body piercing shops and tattoo parlours. It is defined in the official Controlled Waste Regulations as:

If you think your business produces clinical waste but aren’t sure of the best way to manage it, just contact us and our friendly team of waste consultants would be more than happy to offer you some free expert advice. We pride ourselves on exercising a dedicated customer-care ethos. That’s why fast response times and value for money are among our top priorities. Our team of waste collectors operate throughout Bournemouth, 7 days as week and can collect your waste at a time and date of your choosing. Choose from flexible daily, weekly or fortnightly collections and we’ll even provide your company with a free bin.

We understand that managing your business’s clinical waste can be confusing – with strict regulations dictating clinical waste disposal in work places and medical practices there can be serious repercussions if any mistakes are made. Our service is one you can trust to dispose of your waste with only the safest disposal and authorised management, guaranteed to meet and duty of care audits or external demands. With Waste Management Bournemouth, you can be confident that your company is compliant with all the latest healthcare and waste regulations.

If you would like a free, no obligation quote call us on 01202 805 390 – you could save up to 30%.

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